The Ritter Accounting & Consulting Difference


The people of RAC, Inc. are not just bean counters who believe that the numbers are all that matter. We have worked in restaurants, retail and the trades in multiple positions. We are operations focused. We know that every recommendation we make greatly affects the teams that generate and maintain cash flow.

We were there all the times management implemented a new policy without consulting us that ultimately did not work. We remember the time wasted, the frustration it caused and sometimes the loss of some of our coworkers due to poor leadership during the change. We didn't at the time, know how much money was wasted, but now that is exactly what we know.

We can relate to the importance of your regulars, the problems caused by the staff who drink behind the bar, the inventory and/or cash that goes missing, lack of accountability and inconsistent training and performance to name a few. We work to correct those issues from the start.

If you do not have any of those problems, congratulations! We can move on to reducing the paperwork. Paperwork and compliance are a waste of time for the staff in the stores and in the field. We make paperwork, ordering, paying bills, collecting cash and compliance as easy as possible while putting effective controls in place.


Be the partner you can trust to guide your business through compliance, growth, maximizing profit, and developing and achieving your company vision.


Show you how to maximize your profitability, your employee commitment and provide high quality customer experiences. We love to fix burdensome, expensive, outdated processes.

Software implementations

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Paperless systems

RAC, Inc. gives clients better business processes that reduce payroll and supplies expenses and can eliminate data entry errors. Better processes lead to time, energy and money savings. It is hard to know where you can go when you do not know where you are. The first step in business growth is regularly seeing and analyzing accurate financial statements. Eliminating waste and employee confusion will help you get better information on business performance.

Low waste practices change the focus from busy work to excellent customer service. Low waste practices also reduce business expenses and cause less damage to the environment. All of these factors keep your customers coming back.

Enjoy accuracy and transparency - Save time and energy - Maximize profit - Grow your business with Ritter Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

Advisory services



Financial Statement Analysis

If you believe you are saving money by doing your own accounting, consider these questions:

When I look at my Income Statement does it make sense?

Do I really understand what I am doing?

If I could take my time back, what would I do instead?

How much could I be making by focusing on what I do best?

If for you, bookkeeping is all about complying with IRS standards you are not getting the most value out of it. Large and midsize companies employ and pay well, a team of full-time Management Accountants to produce and analyze accurate financials. These Accountants help the companies enjoy continuous growth. The financial statements paint a picture of the actions you and your team make every day. Alright, so they are not exactly as easy to see as a picture, but you get the idea. Through analysis of financials you can change the behavior that is not generating the desired results. Without these measurements, you are shooting in the dark and frequently missing targets. Is that what you went into business for?

Can you afford a team of full-time Management Accountants?

If not, you can still enjoy the benefits of growth and scalability. RAC, Inc. provides the expertise of Management Accountant Advisory to small and midsize companies to help them get to the next level. We enjoy sharing our expertise with our clients and celebrating the success we achieve together. RAC, Inc. is invested in our clients' success.

Enjoy accuracy and transparency - Save time and energy - Increase profit - Grow your business with Ritter Accounting & Consulting, Inc.