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We have all actually worked in restaurants in multiple positions. So, we are very operations focused. We know that every recommendation we make greatly affects the team that brings in the cash, because we have been members of that team. That is a really unique perspective for an accounting and consulting firm. We can relate to the regulars, the staff that drink behind the bar, the inventory and/or cash that goes missing, and we really want to work to correct those issues from the start. If you already have those things under control we can go into more administrative challenges, that are placing a burden on operations and eliminate as many of those as possible while keeping controls in place. There is compliance, like 8027 tip reporting and escheatment, and we can eliminate those burdens.


Be the partner your business can trust to guide you through driving growth, developing and achieving your company vision.


Show you how to maximize your profitability, your employee engagement and provide high quality guest experiences. We love helping you and the environment through the implementation of sustainable practices which inherently reduce cost, increase efficiency and lead to greater customer loyalty.

IT Systems implementations

Project management

Go Paperless

Increase productivity

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

RAC designs, implements and teaches businesses better processes that reduce costs and data entry errors. Better processes lead to time, energy and money savings, and optimize accuracy and transparency of the financial statements. You're best tool for business growth is accurate financial statements.

Sustainable practices inherently reduce business costs, reduce environmental impact, and result in greater customer loyalty.

Reduced cost, processing time and greater customer loyalty result in higher customer retention and profit.

Enjoy accuracy and transparency - Save time and energy - Increase profit - Grow your business with Ritter Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

Advisory services


Financial Statement Analysis


If you believe you are saving money by doing your own accounting, consider these questions:

What is the opportunity cost of spending my time on this rather than on growing my business?

Is there someone who can do these tasks faster and more accurately?

How much am I worth per hour?

How many hours am I spending?

Is this the best use of my time?

Bookkeeping is a tool Accountants use to provide businesses with real value. Small businesses most often utilize bookkeeping for compliance. If that is all you are using bookkeeping for, you are only realizing about 10% of the value it can offer. The key is in financial analytics. Large and midsize companies employ and pay well, a team of full-time Management Accountants to produce and analyze accurate financials, not to do taxes. These Accountants make it possible for these companies to enjoy continuous growth. The analyses of financial statements translate into actions you and your team make every day. Through analysis of financials you can change the behavior that is not generating the desired results. Without these measurements, you are shooting in the dark and frequently missing targets. Do you have time for missing targets?

Can you afford a team of full-time Management Accountants?

If not, you can still enjoy the benefits of growth and scalability. RAC provides the expertise of Management Accountant Advisory to small and midsize companies. Reanna enjoys sharing her expertise with her Team and with her clients, celebrating the success they achieve together. RAC is invested in our clients' success.

Doing your own bookkeeping tends to cost you more down the line when you realize you need a cleanup. Even systems designed for non-accountant users are not always intuitive, and frequently cause problems with financial statement accuracy.

If you are not paying for monthly bookkeeping then you are paying for it at tax time, when your tax professional has to do the cleanup.

Enjoy accuracy and transparency - Save time and energy - Increase profit - Grow your business with Ritter Accounting & Consulting, Inc.