Food Trucks

Keep more of your hard earned money

Food trucks have distinct cost advantages.

Are you making them work for you?

Do you feel like your bank account balance doesn't reflect the hard work you've put in?

Do you wonder where all of the money goes?

Do you have inventory problems?

High employee turnover?


3 ways Food Trucks throw cash in the trash

Running a food truck is hard work. As cash comes in it seems like it goes right back out.

1. Cash management

How can you afford to fix or buy new equipment when the money just isn't there? Faulty equipment compromises quality, can lead to complaints and slows the kitchen down.

Your suppliers want to paid right away even if they get your orders wrong or you have to refuse low quality products.

Payroll again? Didn't we just do that?

2. Inventory Management

Not taking inventory means you don't really know which items your employees are giving away or stealing, whether it is meals or bulk. It is also difficult to know when they are pocketing your cash from orders.

Keeping the right level of food and beverage on hand without it going to waste or "disappearing" is a constant balancing act.

Do you track which days, times and locations are peak for stocking, prepping and staffing?

3. Employee Management

It can be so frustrating when you put your cash, heart and soul into this business and your employees have bad attitudes, no-call-no-show, are rude to customers, get orders wrong, steal, or quit before you can even get them trained sufficiently.

It is like throwing money away each time you have to rehire and retrain. New employees are just not as productive as the well trained.

You work hard for your money.

My job is to make your money work smarter for you.

These problems can be overwhelming and discouraging. I can help you reduce or eliminate them.

I show food trucks how to hold onto more of their hard earned money, work smarter and be more profitable. So never again will you feel like you or your employees are throwing cash in the trash.

My clients value and receive

Practical solutions to the 3 most common problems

Guidance through implementation of the solutions

Accurate bookkeeping and financial reports to guide decision making

Compliance advising and support

Systems audit and recommendations